[RC5] What if RC5-64 is done

Mathieu Gilbert wilbrod at videotron.ca
Sat Jun 2 14:45:16 EDT 2001

>An organization with size, money and intent could build a much more
>engine without all these variables, and could attack the problem much more
>quickly. It is rumored that the (U.S.) National Security Agency has built a
>dedicated RC5 (DES, 3DES, ECC, pick your flavor) engine to permit
>of encrypted traffic. With the state of the art where it is, it is very
>doubtful they can plug in an encrypted message and read it the next day.
>However, if a message is perceived to be important enough, it could be
>the investment of a year's time to extract the message. Likewise for a
>multinational corporation, to read an encrypted message worth $10B, an cash
>investment of $10M seems reasonable.

On the main page of distributed.net we can read

"distributed.net's computing power has grown to
become equivalent to that of more than 160000 PII 266Mhz computers
working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!"

I doubt an organization could really build something A LOT stronger than
this, able to crack a 64 bits encryption in a year or so ??


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