[RC5] special processor for cracking RC5?, was: What if RC5-64 is done

Chris Hessmann news at hessmann.de
Sun Jun 3 03:12:48 EDT 2001

Hello Mathieu, cow-friends,

> On the main page of distributed.net we can read
> "distributed.net's computing power has grown to
> become equivalent to that of more than 160000 PII 266Mhz computers
> working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!"
> I doubt an organization could really build something A LOT stronger
> than this, able to crack a 64 bits encryption in a year or so ??

Well, this is just some sort of figment of the mind, but would it be
possible to build a processor which is optimized for cracking a special
encryption like RC5-64?

As far as I have learned from this list, the x86 has some good features
for cracking RC5, especially the rotation-instruction. Well, there should
be a "dream-system" which supports all instructions needful for cracking,
so it could work ten (a hundred?) times faster than every known
(single-)processor on earth.

And because I'm as much as a fan of the whole
NSA/CIA/KGB-conspiracy-theory as all of you, I could imagine THEY
(whoever) has the ability to build such a machine...

Well, enough of this, let's get back on earth: Are there any instructions
which could be supported by a processor to increment the cracking-process?
And how fast could such a processor be?
And please don't mention the quantum-processor, I know it could crack the
whole RC5-64 in one second, but I imagine a system which could be build
with today's abilities... ;)

cu Chris
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