[RC5] What if RC5-64 is done

Jin-Wei Tioh jinwei at tm.net.my
Sun Jun 3 21:18:02 EDT 2001

At 11:04 AM 6/3/01 +0100, you wrote:

>The most effective way, which FBI is alleged to have employed is to use
>electromagnetic tools to actually read the text of the receivers monitor
>(that's why the NAI/PGP package has it's own textviewer with low contrasts
>to make it harder to read it by looking at magnetic radiation).
>So move your monitors away from your windows people and coat your house
>in a thick led coating... just to be on the safe side =)
>Andreas D Landmark / noXtension

Lead? Our information might be safe, but our brains might lose a significant
capacity to process the information =)

Jin-Wei Tioh
BlueSmoke (http://www.bluesmoke.net)

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