[RC5] AXP client slow on RC5

Fruitloops fruitloops70_prn at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 4 19:52:13 EDT 2001

> >I am not an Alpha expert, I admit I may be wrong.
> That turns out to be the case. :)

<smirk> Hey, that's why I had that disclaimer right at the beginning.

> At the time that I did the OpenVMS client, GCC and GAS weren't available
> for the Alpha. Even if they were, I wouldn't have used them--GCC's
> performance is rather substandard compared to the native
> compiler, and Gnu compiler tools traditionally don't play well with
> others, so even if I could've gotten the assembly core working with GAS,
> getting it linked in would've probably taken more time than getting the
> assembly tweaked for the native format.

Ok, that was my point.  I wanted to know why you didn't use GCC and GAS,
_IF_ they were available.  But you state they were not available, and that
you wouldn't use them anyhow.  So my argument is moot.

> Besides, there's also a small matter of perspective--do you
> *really* think it would've been easier to port over the client to a non-
> platform-native GCC and GAS then mangle the alpha assembly with the native
> compiler? (I assume you're not talking about porting the entire GCC suite
> over, here...)

No I didn't mean porting the entire suite, just GCC and GAS.

I also did not mean that you should have ported GCC and GAS over just to
write a client on that platform.  As stated above, my argument was "why did
you use something other than GCC and GAS?"

As it turns out, they weren't available and you wouldn't have used them
anyhow.  These are more than valid reasons.


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