[RC5] Uptime and/or CPU time records?

Markus Landgren marla252 at student.liu.se
Tue Jun 5 14:32:02 EDT 2001

I got 48 days of uptime out of it once. That might be considered impressive
since it was running under Windows 95.

At 19:16 2001-06-04 -0400, someone wrote:
>I was curious, does anyone have any dnet uptime or cpu usage records to
>share?  Ie. continuous uninterrupted execution times of the dnet client.  I
>inadvertantly quit the cow the other day after logging about 320 hours of
>CPU time, but I'm sure there are some die hards out there that have probably
>crunched for months at a time.
>PS.  I'm running dnet v2.8010 on Windows 2000

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