[RC5] Minor format problem with Greg's posts to rc5@lists.distributed.net

Bjoern Martin boris59 at gmx.net
Wed Jun 6 08:57:22 EDT 2001

>Hi Greg, There is a minor problem with your posts to
>rc5 at lists.distributed.net. I'm not sure whether the problem is
>at my end or yours, but your messages always arrive with the
>message body as a .TXT attachment. This doesn't happen to other
>messages on the list. Does anyone else have this problem? I am
>running OE 5.5.

I ran OE 5.0 and had the same problem. Now I use Eudora and it's
solved. I think it's some kind of 'improvement to OE5.x' that
causes this error. Not to abuse MS, but it only occurs to me with


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