[RC5] Minor format problem with Greg's posts to rc5@lists.distributed.net

R. Charles Sheets maniac at earthling.net
Fri Jun 8 00:31:13 EDT 2001

At 07:21 PM 6/7/2001, you wrote:
>On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 11:57:28AM +1000, Matthew wrote:
> > > > There is a minor problem with your posts to rc5 at lists.distributed.net.
> > I'm
> > > > not sure whether the problem is at my end or yours, but your messages
> > always
> > > > arrive with the message body as a .TXT attachment.

>  If you've got some spare time <grin>, you could invest it in learning to
>use a different email client.  I use mutt on Unix, and I don't have a
>recommendation for a windoze one.  Also, I don't think rc5 at lists.d.n is the
>best place for a discussion of the relative merits of email clients, so I'll
>shut up now and hope nobody replies to this :)

Sorry Peter, but for those Windows people out there, I find Eudora to be 
great.  I've never had problems with any mail format I've ever received, 
and you can integrate PGP into it with a plugin.  www.eudora.com if anyone 
is interested.
Sorry for being offtopic.

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