[RC5] Uptime and/or CPU time records?

Markus Landgren marla252 at student.liu.se
Fri Jun 8 10:28:43 EDT 2001

It's 49 days and 16 hours. It does not seem like it's an absolute limit
however, considering the testimonies from people who have run it longer.
The article at microsoft.com also claims that Windows "may" crash after
49.7 days. While I did not reach it, I got within 40 hours of it running
rc5des continuously, playing quake daily, and running a wide range of
moderately heavy applications like IE and whatever, on my Pentium 90 with
40 megs of ram and a broken CPU fan. During the three years between
installing the os and setting this personal best, I regularly abused my box
by installing all kinds of crap software and filling up the registry.

At 21:24 2001-06-07 -0400, someone wrote:
>I believe it was 72 days.
>And, no one kept Win9x up that long unless they left the 'puter in solitaire

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