[RC5] New Dnetc Versions (8015)

Nuno Carvalho nuno.carvalho at ca.efacec.pt
Fri Jun 8 10:31:06 EDT 2001

Recently I see on d.net official pages the new RC5 client 8015. 
I needed the DOS client so I take the chance to try the new version in just
one machine, (think on the problems with the 8012 clients).
In the first one or two days, it seems to run OK, it even have a bigger
rate. From 90KKeys to 91 (I'm talking of a 486 DX4 100MHz, with only one FDD
drive. Dnetc runs from diskette). If the rate grows 1KKeys per second in
this old computer, in a new PC it would be much better.

*) After config the .ini file, i started d'a client i see no dnetc 8015
info, but 8011. Does anyone get this information in other (should be) 8015

*) Much weird is...
... Yesterday i decide to turn the monitor of the 486 ON, to see how the
dnetc work is going!!! When first characters flash, i get chocked...
The Average Keyrate is not 90 KKeys but 20 KKeys. Admired, I look in the log
file: It says there that a block of 8*2^28 have been cracked in more than 2
days!!!!! I no this is impossible...In earlier version the run for 4 and
half hours...

Does anyone is having problems with the new releases??????

PS: Sorry for my Ingelishe (english)

Nuno Carvalho

Portugal is moooooooooooooooooooooooooooing too

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