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Richard Menedetter ricsi at bigfoot.com
Fri Jun 8 12:59:08 EDT 2001


08 Jun 2001, blitz <blitz at macronet.net> wrote:

 >> PGPi -- www.pgpi.org
 b> Thats crippleware....Thats the "International" or crippled PGP.
 b> Try: http://www.pgp.com/products/freeware/default.asp

Yes ... it's the international version.
NO (!!!) it is not crippled.

This is pure nonsens !
Maybe you mix it with export versions of HTTPS ?!?
The 'international' versions of US programs (Netscape, IE, ...) had only 40
bit secret keys, the rest were known (IMHO zeroed out).

But even than I could download fortify (made outside of the US) and patch
Netscape with it, so that I could get rid of the extremely silly US crypto

Thanks god they mostly got rid of them now ... took VERY long, and US
government did it only, because US companies stated that the regulations
were a big disadvantage for them.
Basically they were not able to sell reall crypto applications outside the

from pgpi.org:
Internationalization and development
 Because the US versions of PGP contain restrictions and limitations
 which are not relevant outside the US, we remove these limitations
 and add new features, while keeping compatibility with the US
 versions. Then we publish the corresponding PGPi version (e.g. PGP
 6.5.1i is based on PGP 6.5.1, but with some modifications).

CU, Ricsi

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