[RC5] Uptime and/or CPU time records?

Frans King frans.king at lin-x-pert.com
Fri Jun 8 13:26:42 EDT 2001

try Unix... - 1 year...2 years...

At Friday, 08 June 2001, you wrote:

>It's 49 days and 16 hours. It does not seem like it's an absolute limit
>however, considering the testimonies from people who have run it 
>The article at microsoft.com also claims that Windows "may" crash after
>49.7 days. While I did not reach it, I got within 40 hours of it 
>rc5des continuously, playing quake daily, and running a wide range of
>moderately heavy applications like IE and whatever, on my Pentium 
90 with
>40 megs of ram and a broken CPU fan. During the three years between
>installing the os and setting this personal best, I regularly abused 
my box
>by installing all kinds of crap software and filling up the registry.
>At 21:24 2001-06-07 -0400, someone wrote:
>>I believe it was 72 days.
>>And, no one kept Win9x up that long unless they left the 'puter 
in solitaire
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