[RC5] New Dnetc Versions (8015)

Rolf Stals R.Stals at oke.nl
Fri Jun 8 16:21:05 EDT 2001

Dont you have a prerelease? (cant confirm this since internet is down at my
work :(   )
Besides i think this version has still a lot of bugs because the version is
displayed wrongly and the problem with the speed (KKeys).
If i were you i'd fill in a bug-form and send it to d.net

Just my 2C

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At 09:31 8-6-01 +0100, you wrote:
>Recently I see on d.net official pages the new RC5 client 8015. 
>I needed the DOS client so I take the chance to try the new version in just
>one machine, (think on the problems with the 8012 clients).
>In the first one or two days, it seems to run OK, it even have a bigger
>rate. From 90KKeys to 91 (I'm talking of a 486 DX4 100MHz, with only one FDD
>drive. Dnetc runs from diskette). If the rate grows 1KKeys per second in
>this old computer, in a new PC it would be much better.
>*) After config the .ini file, i started d'a client i see no dnetc 8015
>info, but 8011. Does anyone get this information in other (should be) 8015
>*) Much weird is...
>... Yesterday i decide to turn the monitor of the 486 ON, to see how the
>dnetc work is going!!! When first characters flash, i get chocked...
>The Average Keyrate is not 90 KKeys but 20 KKeys. Admired, I look in the log
>file: It says there that a block of 8*2^28 have been cracked in more than 2
>days!!!!! I no this is impossible...In earlier version the run for 4 and
>half hours...
>Does anyone is having problems with the new releases??????
>PS: Sorry for my Ingelishe (english)
>Nuno Carvalho
>Portugal is moooooooooooooooooooooooooooing too
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