[RC5] New Dnetc Versions (8015)

Ralph Rreid Susan Reid rreid at virtual.sunset.net
Sun Jun 10 13:52:39 EDT 2001

Nuno Carvalho fell across a keyboard, resulting in:
>Recently I see on d.net official pages the new RC5 client 8015. 
>I needed the DOS client so I take the chance to try the new version in just
>one machine, (think on the problems with the 8012 clients).
>In the first one or two days, it seems to run OK, it even have a bigger
>rate. From 90KKeys to 91 (I'm talking of a 486 DX4 100MHz, with only one FDD
>drive. Dnetc runs from diskette). If the rate grows 1KKeys per second in
>this old computer, in a new PC it would be much better.

I downloaded 8.015 yesterday morning (about 28 hours ago), and the
short-term rate for a single work unit looks pretty good.  I will
have to pass a single work unit through the old RC5DES 2.7110 I
run on this old 486DX2-66 system to see if the work unit is actually
processed in a shorter amount of time (I do not always trust rate
numbers alone;)).

The author then continued:
>*) After config the .ini file, i started d'a client i see no dnetc 8015
>info, but 8011. Does anyone get this information in other (should be) 8015

The dversion I downloaded yesterday (about 28 hours ago) seems to
return all of the expected version and distribution info here.  Check
your installation carefully to be sure you do not have an old
installation getting in the way.  Be sure you are not looking at the
top of an old log file which was started by a previous installation.
If none of these efforts help you find the problem, try downloading
another copy of DNETC and see if installing it fixes the problem.

The author further continued:
>*) Much weird is...
>... Yesterday i decide to turn the monitor of the 486 ON, to see how the
>dnetc work is going!!! When first characters flash, i get chocked...
>The Average Keyrate is not 90 KKeys but 20 KKeys. Admired, I look in the log
>file: It says there that a block of 8*2^28 have been cracked in more than 2
>days!!!!! I no this is impossible...In earlier version the run for 4 and
>half hours...

The only time I had something like this happen was when something
fell on the keyboard and held down some keys for several hours.  The
speaker on that system was disconnected at the time, so while the
system was trying to beep wildly to warn me of the problem, I had no
idea what was going on.  I can not guess what else might have caused
such a problem on your system.

I hope some of this info helps.  Have a _great_ day.

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