[RC5] P4 Speed Question

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Sun Jun 10 23:35:06 EDT 2001

the P4 may have the same instruction set as the P3 but the
implementation is different with having focus on speed in other areas...

> "Gregory S. Hopkins" wrote:
> After unpacking my new Dell Dimension 8100 with a P4 at 1.7ghz , I was
> expecting a SUPER increase (at least double) over my P3 500
> overclocked to 620.
> However, I am quite disapointed. It seems that Dnet is not optimized
> for P4 or something, because the 620mhz P3 can do approx 1,677,500
> keys a second, but the P4 at 1700mhz can only do approx 2,313,000 per
> second. This is a HUGE disapointment. Is there anything I can do to
> improve this, or am I stuck waiting for a new version?
> Also, the P4 is supposed to have the full P3 instruction set, right
> (plus some). Why isnt the keys/sec nearly triple (like the mhz is)?
> Even if the P4 was acting like a P3, its still doing it nearly 3 times
> faster.
> Thanks
> Greg

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