[RC5] RE: [plans] distributed.net .plan update

Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Mon Jun 11 12:26:25 EDT 2001

Actually, Sybase 11.0.3 has a 2G limit on database devices. We were going
to use raw devices since they're a lot faster than ext2fs, but due to
linux's 16 partition limit per device, we would need to rebuild the box.
We decided we might as well go to FreeBSD at the same time, now that we've
gained some experience and comfort running Sybase on FBSD.

thomas.minor at materna.de wrote:
> > We had hoped this wouldn't be necessary - we had hoped to be
> > moved over to the new server (blower) by now.  Technology and time
> > schedules prevented us from completing the migration.
> > The 2GB file size limit on Linux is
> > starting to be a real problem.
> Hmm.
> Can't you configure Sybase to accept a raw partition as a tablespace ?
> Normally, that should fix your problem.
> Or are the database files not the ones you are talking about ?

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