[RC5] MacOS X - Hard disk sleep

Ludovic Ferrandis lferrandis at mac.com
Tue Jun 12 11:03:53 EDT 2001

It's not to save electricity, just reduce my computer heat :)
I don't use my laptop too often (I work on a desktop), so I let dnet 
running on it. I don't really care if it's take a little longer to 
wake up.

If I run the client with the -nodisk option and if I shutdown 
properly the client, does it really lost all buffered work ? or a 
buff.out file will be created ?


At 21:09 -0500 11/06/2001, Basil A. Daoust wrote:
>I've actually heard that its worse to let your drive stop and start 
>but that may
>only be valid on older drives.  It had something to do with the head 
>bouncing every
>time it slows down or something.
>This is probably another urban legend though.

At 21:01 -0400 11/06/2001, Enojon wrote:
>Why not let it spin 24/7?
>True, you save power by sleeping the harddisk, but from my experience,
>the drives and the unit burn more power and experience more wear by
>spinning up from sleep mode.   Really nasty if your drive goes to sleep
>after 5mins and you return from coffee pot or phone conversation.
>I burned through 5 SyJet cartridges using "sleep mode" on SyJet.
>I wasted another 3 hard drives before learning to turn off the sleep mode.
>Sleep the drives only when there is NO system activity.  This lesson
>also comes from working as operator of Wang/DEC cartridge
>disk computer units.

At 18:34 -0400 11/06/2001, Mathieu Gilbert wrote:

>I've never tried this before but you could try placing the buffers on a
>floppy ?
>But I don't see why you don't want to let your HD running 24/24 unless you
>want to save electricity. :)
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>>  Hi,
>>  I have installed dnet on a Powerbook with MacOS X and configured the
>>  hard disk to go to sleep after 5 min. This works well, unless if dnet
>>  is running.
>>  I saw in the config the option -nodisk, but the doc says that we need
>>  a permanent connection otherwise "This option will cause all buffered,
>>  unflushable work to be lost by a client shutdown".
>>  I don't want to let the HD running 24/24 H.
>>  One solution is to run dnet in a Ramdisk with MacOS 9, but I would
>>  prefer to let it run on MacOS X.
>>  Any idea ?
>>  Thanks,
>  > Ludovic
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