[RC5] Dumb Windows Question

Neil Stoker neil.stoker at btinternet.com
Tue Jun 12 13:18:13 EDT 2001

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Subject: [RC5] Dumb Windows Question

> I'm using the Win-32 client under 95 on an old P-90.  My mouse has died,
> and I've not found a serial mouse to replace it with (no PS2 port), so
> I'm clunking around using keyboard commands.  However, I've not been
> able to get to my d.net client this way to manually update, because I've
> not found the client using alt-tab or any of the other secrets I've
> found.  If somebody knows a way I can get to the client using
> keystrokes, I'd be grateful.
> Thanks,
> Blain
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>From your dos-prompt:

C:\Program Files\distributed.net>dnetc -update

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