[RC5] MacOS X - Hard disk sleep

Andreas D. Landmark andreas.landmark at noxtension.com
Tue Jun 12 16:21:09 EDT 2001

At 12.06.2001 09:03, you wrote:
>It's not to save electricity, just reduce my computer heat :)
>I don't use my laptop too often (I work on a desktop), so I let dnet 
>running on it. I don't really care if it's take a little longer to wake up.
>If I run the client with the -nodisk option and if I shutdown properly the 
>client, does it really lost all buffered work ? or a buff.out file will be 
>created ?

buff.out isn't created, it's called buff-mem.out (or something) and is 
stored in ram,
but if you set your buffers low enough (one packet for example) you 
wouldn't loose
much work (unless we're talking seriously slow cpu).
If you haven't got 24/7 net access, you could set up a personal proxy on a 
that does have disks spinning 24/7 and use that for buffering to relieve 
some work for
the official key-proxies...

Andreas D Landmark / noXtension
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