[RC5] Buff-in.rc5 not deteced by client

Thorsten Behrens thorsten.behrens at dorunth.kn-bremen.de
Wed Jun 13 13:27:20 EDT 2001

Captain, bei Sternzeit Wed, 13 Jun 2001 08:14:51 +0100 empfingen wir
folgende Nachricht von Brough, Adrian (IR SOLUTIONS):

Hi Adrian,

> I use the e-mail method for fetching/flushing blocks. It mostly works
> well, but yesterday I go a block of my usual size of 2000 work units
> (around 3 days processing), but the client failed to pick it up,
> continuning to process random blocks. Has this occured to anyone before?
> Is there anything I can do, as I don't want to ditch it.

I had this happen a while ago to me as well. IIRC, I received kind of empty
blocks (i.e. the filesize of the attached buff-in.rc5 being significantly
smaller than usual). I then requested a new workload from the fetch
server and everything was fine. I guess this was a glitch either in the
server sending blocks or somewhere along the way via email.

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