[RC5] Dual AMD

Jonathan Smith jsmith at cygnacom.com
Fri Jun 15 15:59:34 EDT 2001

I saw a blurb a day ago, that Tyan is going to bring out a version of there
Thunder K7 board without the onboard SCSI controller for about $300.  Sorry
I don't remember where I saw it.  Also it shouldn't be too long before other
motherboard manufacturers start producing dual Athlon boards, which should
be much cheaper than Tyan's all in one, 1U rack optimized Thunder.  (It has
onboard dual 3com ethernet, ati rage XL, and Adaptec dual channel Ultra160
SCSI controller;  no wonder it costs $500)

	- Jonathan Smith

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On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, blitz wrote:

> A quick search on google 
> produced the following:
> Dual Duron or Athalon, backordered, but at $90. US? Worth the wait I'd
> http://store.yahoo.com/jandr/fic-az11.html
	The FIC AZ11 is *NOT* a dual processor board. If you want proof,
just take a look at the picture on the page you linked... there's only one
CPU socket on that board.

	The only currently available dual-K7 board is Tyan's Thunder K7
S2462, which was just released a week or so ago. 


	It isn't any $90, but if, like me, you've been waiting a year or
more for dual K7 boards, $500 may not be too much to pay...

John Campbell
jcampbel at lynn.ci-n.com

QotD:  "Speed is subsittute fo accurancy."

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