[RC5] New Dnetc Versions (8015)

Nuno Carvalho nuno.carvalho at ca.efacec.pt
Mon Jun 18 12:54:10 EDT 2001

That's my problems too. 
As i see someone saying: In Dos version of the dnet client it appears the
8011 text, when ive downloaded the 8015 version.

And i do have the same kkeys problem in the Linux version. It appears a much
smaller keyrate (then the one it is really doing) until i do a client
shutdown and restart it again.

In My Linux Box, i have a 130 kkeys/sec with the 8010 version, and in the
8015 it "says" only 70 KKeys/sec. 
I dont have the time to analyze this log yet, but i think he still doing the
same work per day as in my old dnetc version. Only the output is wrong...

Nuno Carvalho

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> Dont you have a prerelease? (cant confirm this since internet is down at
> my
> work :(   )
> Besides i think this version has still a lot of bugs because the version
> is
> displayed wrongly and the problem with the speed (KKeys).
> If i were you i'd fill in a bug-form and send it to d.net
> Just my 2C
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