[RC5] Dnet vs Seti

Bjoern Martin boris59 at gmx.net
Sat Jun 23 10:58:44 EDT 2001

>So how much TeraFLOPs is dnet rated at?

Assuming the current overall rate (which is actually _half_ of
the current daily rate) is achieved by PII-450 computers, you'd
have 64.500 of them working for Dnet. I have in mind that a
PII-450 has about 0.5 GFlops, so I come up with about 31.5 TFlops
for the project.
Two points:
- not all computers are PII's (even if Intel would like that)
- basing all blocks on the PII dnet speed is rather cheap.
But if you need a big number for mates who don't know too much
about TFlops and are just impressible by big numbers, tell them
the current daily rate is "above 50 TFlops", and you shouldn't lie
_too_ much :-)

(btw: does dnet know which cpu type calculates how much or is that
information not submitted to the master keyserver?)


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