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I've yet to see any freeware that can compare to software brewed in 
environment, especially when developed by enterprise-hired programmers to
meet an enterprises' needs.

Off-the-shelf software, and even freeware, have this nature of being 
or geekware.  If someone passed Operating Systems 101 doesn't
mean they're qualified to write a system that will address 
scientific needs.

Most freeware source resembles the state of mainframe code from the 
1950's and 60's--
poorly documented, poorly written and sometimes resource 
glutton--lacking clear
design, multiple designers, attempts to please 'all' [highly portable], 
or convoluted
kludges  using language features "because its there."

Don't get me started on LVM...

On Friday, January 2, 1998, at 04:07 PM, Ferry van Steen wrote:

> while on this topic, I just read a news article on bill gates' opinion 
> on
> free software. (it's in dutch so I won't supply the link, was the dutch 
> site
> of zdnet). Here he states he doesn't mind Free/open software, it's just 
> the
> GPL license he doesn't like and ofcourse he doesn't. GPL says you can do
> whatever you want with the software 'cept commercial purposes and 
> ofcourse
> that is what pisses Bill off. He'd ofcourse like to use linux code and 
> make
> windows really stable for once and truely be able to say it's got all 
> the
> features linux has also. I've got 2 words for Bill.
> Fuck you :-)
> Stop copying and think of something original again for a change. It's 
> been a
> while hasn't it?
> Then again, atleast he admits openly it's better to copy good stuff, 
> then
> make bad stuff up yourself.
> Bit of pour english but I think you'll get the point
> regards
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>>>>  Anyway, yeah, now I get it, but I'm mature enough to realize
>>>> that rooting for AMD is just plain underdog loving, not some kind of
>>>> fight against an evil empire (unlike the case with Microsoft and
>>>> software... http://bbspot.com/News/2000/4/MS_Buys_Evil.html :-)
>>>>  I'm sure you know this already, but there are a lot of people who
>>>> believe strongly in Free software but aren't such mental midgets that
>>>> they think like the most stereotypical /. zealots.
>>> Aren't they called software pirates, or when they become billionaires,
>>> Bill Gates?
>>> *G*
>>  Some people think that all software should be free, so the give away
>> other people's software for free, even when the people who own the
>> copyright don't want them to do that.  They suck.  I'm not talking
>> about them.  I'm talking about people who think that software should
>> be Free, and so they write Free software.  When I say capital-F Free,
>> I'm talking about free-speech free, as in freedom to modify and
>> redistribute, not just free-beer free as in zero-cost.  (The French
>> had this separation figured out already: libre and gratis are two
>> different words.)
>>  warez dudez who pirate binary only software aren't even helping make
>> more Free software.  A cracked game is still not Free software,
>> because people who get it still can't see how it works and make
>> changes, let alone redistribute it.  Like I said, warez people don't
>> help promote Free software _at_ _all_.  Worse, they are easily
>> confused with people who use and write real Free software, and make
>> the whole Free software movement look bad.
>>  (obviously, there are people who like Free software and free warez,
>> but not everyone who supports one supports the other).
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