[RC5] How do you merge buff-in files?

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Subject: [RC5] How do you merge buff-in files?

> I remember reading about it, now I actually need to do it, and I can't remember.  Will somebody help?
> Thanks!

create a shortcut the distributed client, and add the command line    -import xxxx
where xxxx is the name of the buffer (in or out) that you want to merge....

example...   ..\Distributed.net\dnetc.exe -import buff-out.rc5

it doesn't matter if the client is already running...........cause it'll recognize the altered buffer when it completes another packet.....
if you want, you can tell the client to restart, and when it starts again it'll show the increased buffer  etc....

for a more complete list of commands  type    -help     in the shortcut command line
..\Distributed.net\dnetc.exe -help

hope this helps...

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