[RC5] number of dnet users

Tom Ribbens webmaster at multi-air.com
Sat Jun 30 14:24:36 EDT 2001

Hi all,

i just noticed on the Paricipating Countries Page of RC5-64
(http://stats.distributed.net/rc5-64/countries.html) that the
Netherlands have a remarkably high number of users for it's size.  I
calculated for the first 15 countries in that list how many
distributed.net participants their are per 1000 inhabitants of that
country.  (Population numbers are from 1999)

This is what i found:

United States: 		0.06 
Netherlands: 		0.33
Japan:			0.01
Germany			0.06
Russian Federation	0.03
United Kingdom		0.04
Canada			0.08
Sweden			0.17
France			0.02
Australia		0.08
Denmark			0.20
Norway			0.15
Finland			0.18
Belgium			0.07
Ukraine			0.01

As you can see, the Netherlands have the highest density, followed by
Finland.  Does anybody have any idea how it comes that the Netherlands
have (relatively) so much participants?  It leads with 0.15 per
thousend, something most countries don't even have.

Tom R.
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