[RC5] AXP client slow on RC5

Gregor Terrie gterrie at planetinternet.be
Fri Jun 1 00:23:13 EDT 2001


I stopped working on the OGR project a while ago, to completely devote my 
cycles to RC5 (like in the good old days).

My question is rather simple: Is it normal for a DPW500au (Digital Alpha 
Workstation at 500Mhz) to  Benchmark for RC5 core #0 (axp bmeyer) 
0.00:00:16.60 [806,546.70 keys/sec] ?

I supposed a 64 bit CPU would be better suited to crunch 64bit RC5 
blocks... Is the clients code optimised for Linux-Alpha or just ported to 
Linux-Alpha? What other reasons might cause this 'lack of performance'?

Furthermore: the Benchmark for OGR core #0 (GARSP 5.13) 0.00:00:16.39 
[2,310,715.87 nodes/sec] seems a lot better. Compared to my Duron 800 
running WinNT, it benchmarks 46% of the keys/sec. I think that's a more 
acceptable rate... (for RC5 it's: 33% of the AMD 800)

Do Intel/AMD 500Mhz chips benchmark similarly or do they perform 
considerably better/worse?

Might this be OS-dependant? (I could get my alpha to run WinNT, but it 
wouldn't be fun that way ;-þ)



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