[RC5] RSA decryption

Arne 'Timwi' Heizmann ajh65 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Sat Mar 3 11:47:55 EST 2001


this is supposed to be a follow-up on the message about fast decryption,
where the URLs
were mentioned.

I regret I can't quote from the mail because I accidentally deleted it.

Now for my comment. Firstly, I could hardly find a sentence which did not
contain a spelling or grammar mistake. Secondly, none of it sounds
particularly mathematical, except the bit (which is claimed to be from Ron
Rivest himself) where the simple basics of how RSA works are explained
(which I don't think he would bother, as it can be found in any midly
advanced Maths book on number theory or cryptography).

If this person had really found a way of cracking RSA, and hence to factor
large integers, and hence had solved the P=NP problem, then I think we
don't need to rely on these proprietary newsflash websites to hear about
it. The whole story is therefore made up.

In addition, this has nothing to do with RC5.

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