[RC5] RSA decryption

Jonathan Clarke bubblebob at mac.com
Sun Mar 4 00:05:03 EST 2001

>Well the distributed.net effort is _very_ likely to succeed because of
>the exhaustive testing that is going on as I'm writing this. This means
>in simple terms that the clients affiliated with distributed.net and the
>rc5 project is trying out every possible combination to try to decrypt
>the rc5 encrypted data we are trying to decrypt.
>But as you mention several people are probably trying out random
>keys/solutions, but looking at the possible keys to try
>(you could say combinations=keys), and the fact that only yesterday
>distributed.net tried over 160 million of them without success (afaik ;-).
>The possibility of finding _the_ key without divine intervention is in
>one word... microscopical...

I agree with you there, but something occured to me. Is d.net not 
trying all the possible keys in a logical order ? I seem to recall 
reading that somewhere. Anyone can reasonably assume that we'd turn 
in the correct key were we to find it...

So, by these assumptions, all these guys looking for the key at 
random could limit their search to the bit not yet done by d.net 
couldn't they ? I may have missed something on the way, but this 
seems to follow to me, and it would put there chances of happening on 
the right key up quite a bit ! :-)

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