[RC5] RSA decryption

Chris Hessmann news at hessmann.de
Sun Mar 4 00:53:07 EST 2001

Hello Jonathan,

> So, by these assumptions, all these guys looking for the key at 
> random could limit their search to the bit not yet done by d.net 
> couldn't they ? 

Not really.
The keyserver has already give out all possible combinations, but only
received some results (30%?). Not everybody who fetchs work-units will
crunch them. There are many "bad boys" who fetch work-units for many
weeks, let their machine crunch for some hours and delete the program.

At the moment, the keyserver is repeating from the beginning, of course
only the keys which haven't been checked in the first attempt.

So if you take a look at the keys d.net is giving out at the moment, you
can't combine which keys have been checked as blank and which are possible

These guys do not have any chance to get (or combine) the negative
result-list from d.net. And that's good! :)

Besides: d.net only works on keys not yet done by d.net, too! So, if these
guys should be able to get the list, we have about 160,000 computers more
than them for the same keyspace...every day, every hour, every minute!
They do not have a real chance... :->

cu Hessi
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