[RC5] RSA decryption

Jonathan Clarke bubblebob at mac.com
Sun Mar 4 14:14:48 EST 2001

>Hello Jonathan,

Hi :-)

>>  So, by these assumptions, all these guys looking for the key at
>>  random could limit their search to the bit not yet done by d.net
>>  couldn't they ?
>Not really.
>The keyserver has already give out all possible combinations, but only
>received some results (30%?). Not everybody who fetchs work-units will
>crunch them. There are many "bad boys" who fetch work-units for many
>weeks, let their machine crunch for some hours and delete the program.

That's 42%, according to the stats page. But that's very interesting, 
I had no idea...

>These guys do not have any chance to get (or combine) the negative
>result-list from d.net. And that's good! :)
>Besides: d.net only works on keys not yet done by d.net, too! So, if these
>guys should be able to get the list, we have about 160,000 computers more
>than them for the same keyspace...every day, every hour, every minute!
>They do not have a real chance... :->

LOL that's great then ! ;-)

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