[RC5] RSA decryption

Ben Clifford benc at hawaga.org.uk
Sun Mar 4 19:51:57 EST 2001

> "The general solution", doesn't that imply that it works for all cases 
> unless stated otherwise,
> that's what I think he ment anyway...

Yes, a general solution works for all cases, but the original posted said

> > > you try it on several examples. if it succeds,
> > > then you have a general solution for unknown keys.

This is *not* a test for a general solution (as my even number test

> However AFAIK the general solution for RC5 isn't simple enough to allow us 
> to find the
> correct key within a few steps, or in fact we haven't got a general 
> solution, we're trying
> to find the correct key by exhaustively testing all possible keys...

Exhaustively testing all possible keys *is* a general solution - it will
always work.


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