[RC5] cross-platform question

Shaun O'Neil shaun at madhouse69.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Mar 10 21:01:45 EST 2001

Can anybody tell me if the two buffer files (ie buff-in.rc5 & buff-out.rc5)
use the same format in the win32 and linux binaries?

my problem is that I can only access the net through windows due to a
soft-modem, but I spend most my time in linux. If I sync the two copies of
the buffers on my way in and out of linux, will it still work?
What i'm aiming for is the work to be done under linux, but using the
windows client to update with d.net.
(or I could get a job & get a _real_ modem)


And I will do all these good works, and I will do them for free.
My only reward will be a tombstone that says "Here lies Gomez Addams - he
was good for nothing".
    - The Addams Family

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