[RC5] cross-platform question

Hiro Dudani dudani.ml at gmx.de
Mon Mar 12 10:14:10 EST 2001

Hello Basil!

Monday March 12 2001, "Basil A. Daoust" <basildaoust at home.com> wrote:

> Hiro Dudani wrote:
>> "Shaun O'Neil" <shaun at madhouse69.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:
>>> my problem is that I can only access the net through windows due to a
>>> soft-modem, but I spend most my time in linux. If I sync the two copies
>>> of the buffers on my way in and out of linux, will it still work?
>> You could point the Linux client's "remote buffers" feature to the
>> Windows client's buffers and have it buffer only one block "locally".
> I did something similar using multiple computers and no proxy by sharing a
> directory on my linux box (using samba) and having all machines use those
> same buff files.  Both Windows and linux machines were used in this.  It
> actually workers just fine.

Hm. The reason I wouldn't share buffer files between different clients
is that you might lose some work on partially completed blocks. In your
setup, have you never had a client complain "Packet was from a different
core/client cpu/os/build." and start all over with that block?

> not sure what you mean by sync, can't you just mount the windows disk?

My guess was that Shaun just wanted to copy the Windows client's buffers
to his Linux partition when booting Linux and copy them back on shutdown.
This would have the same problem I described above plus even more work
may be lost if Linux -eh- terminated abnormally.

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