[RC5] ogr percentage done - WHY impossible?

TimO hairballmt at mcn.net
Wed Mar 14 18:14:19 EST 2001

Peter Cordes wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 14, 2001 at 02:05:21PM -0700, TimO wrote:
> > Actually, because there exist an infinite number of stubs (yes, even
> > an infinite number of the 6-stubs we start with), I would say that
> > we are 0% done and will remain there until (if) we find a shorter
> > 25-node ruler.  We may be performing this test on a 200Ghz laptop.
>  As others have said, there are only a finite number of stubs that could
> possibly be the start of a shorter ruler.  If the stub is longer than the
> whole best-known ruler, there's no way any rulers that start with it could
> be the best.  (You can do better than that simple test, of course.)  We are

Yes, but it is still a _huge_ space to check.  Worst case scenario where
the known ruler is optimal:

completed = :		3,574,935,297,000,000,000
~exhaustive search = :	88,817,841,970,012,523,233,890,533,447,265,625
			4.0250193 X 10^-15 % finished

Note that an exhaustive search for an optimal ruler is really N times 

-- Tim
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