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bwilson at fers.com bwilson at fers.com
Thu Mar 15 09:49:32 EST 2001

Hi, Bernd.

I'm bwilson at distributed.net.  I work on the stats, but I'll share what I
know about OGR progress issues.

The graph you've seen is updated by daa, and is based on the number of
stubs we have to hand out and the number we have returned.  The graph is
not automated because, unlike RC5-64, the stub inventory cannot be easily
calculated automatically.  I don't know the technical details, but they
tell me that it's just not stored in a format where the counts can be
determined easily.  Further complicating the matter is the two-pass method
we're using for all OGR projects.  I'm not sure, but I think he has to
calculate the pass-two statistics by counting stubs that have been
returned more than once in the project.  Rejecting work from early buggy
versions of the OGR client may also be a hindrance, though that data may
be filtered out by the proxies these days.

Because of all these factors, the graphs must be updated manually, and it
takes a certain amount of effort on daa's part to do it.  He's been
focussing his time on getting the new stats SQL server ready, as well as
the responsibilities of his day job working for United Devices.  I tend to
agree that the graph needs to be updated, but I must defer to daa on the
allocation of his time.

A final note/reminder.  This list exists primarily for the participants in
distributed.net.  Most of the dcti staff do not (I believe) read this
list.  If you want a response from staff, you should e-mail
help at distributed.net, submit a bug report to bugzilla
(http://www.distributed.net/bugs), or in rare cases, e-mail the specific
staff member responsible.  If you do not get satisfaction from any of
these, as a last resort send e-mail to the primary staff people (nugget,
bovine, decibel, dbaker, daa, moose, ivo, moonwick), who are all very
interested in distributed.net as a going concern and will make sure you at
least get an answer.
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03/15/2001 10:19

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        Subject:        Re: [RC5] OGR-25

> Hi!
> When will OGR-25 approximately be finished? The last update of the graph
> showing how much percent of OGR-25 is done was in dezember ...
> greetings, moritz..

Let me summarize:

We get no response regarding the status of ogr-24.

I (via personal email) and Mr. Kunze (via mail to the list) mentioned the
broken graphic for ogr-25. Nothing happened.

So once again official d.net members: Please answer our question. What is
the status of ogr-24 and ogr-25?

If I get no response, I think I will change to seti oder some other
distributed computing. I spend a lot of time to manage the clients running
on >30 machines with 5 different operating systems. This all for nothing?

Bernd Kuehl
bernd at informatik.uni-osnabrueck.de

PS Sorry for the hard words. But I think after all inquiries with no
responses from dnet, it is time for this.

PPS If i missed an answer from dnet regarding the status of ogr-24, please
forget this mail and accept my apology.

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