[RC5] Getting clients to automatically update whenever I'm online

Shawn Tayler stayler at powernet.net
Thu Mar 15 19:36:52 EST 2001

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001 22:15:42 -0500, Rodney R. Korte wrote:

>I'm running dnetc v2.8010-463-CTR-00071213 for Win32 (WindowsNT 5.0)
>as a service on my laptop which is connected/disconnected from the network
>often.   What I want the client to do is fetch more blocks whenever
>the buffers are low and I'm connected.  I've set the options as shown
>below, but they just don't seem to work- I end up having to update

Are you connecting on a LAN or dialup?

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