[RC5] ogr percentage done - WHY impossible?

Greg Childers gchil0 at pop.uky.edu
Fri Mar 16 01:46:23 EST 2001

Actually, 'tis Golomb.  The numbers are the lengths between adjacent marks, 
not the positions of the marks.  So there's only one 10.  See 
http://www.cuug.ab.ca/~millerl/g3-records.html for the best known rulers up 
to 212 marks.  Note that the page lists rulers by the number of segments, 
which is one less than the number of marks.  So the OGR-21 ruler below is 
listed as the 20 segment ruler.


>Hmmmm... has anybody else noticed that this 21 node Golomb ruler
>on the ogr page, isn't???  It has two distances of 10. Tsk, tsk.
>(0) 2-22-32-21-5-1-12-34-15-35-7-9-60-10-20-8-3-14-19-4
>Does anyone wish to fix it??? ;-)
>-- Tim

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