[RC5] Getting clients to automatically update whenever I'm online

Bjoern Martin boris59 at gmx.net
Fri Mar 16 17:18:34 EST 2001

Hi all.

> What I want the client to do is fetch more blocks whenever the 
> buffers are low and I'm connected.  I've set the options as
> shown below, but they just don't seem to work- I end up having
> to update manually.
> What am I doing wrong?
I changed what I have different on my machines. I run a Win2000 
and a Linux client connecting to a proxy on Win2000. Another 
client, WinNT4, is connecting to a keyserver directly (not in 
my LAN). I use the same config on all of them.

>  4) Checkpoint Filename ==> ckpoint
Didn't set this one at all.

> 10) Additional buffer-level checking ==> 4
This one is AFAIK only for dialup connections. Set it back to 0:
10) Additional buffer-level checking ==> 0

> 12) Preferred packet size (2^X keys/packet) ==> RC5=-1
Setting this higher reduces load on the keyservers and 
especially on the master keyserver. I have it this way:
12) Preferred packet size (2^X keys/packet) ==> RC5=33

>  1) Network Timeout (seconds) ==> 60 (default)
Make it smaller for troubleshooting. If something is wrong, the 
client tries to connect 3 times. With your settings this takes 
3 minutes.
1) Network Timeout (seconds) ==> 5

>  3) Keyserver port ==> 23
Don't specify the port. Should say:
3) Keyserver port ==>

>  7) Dialup-link detection ==> Dial-up detection ONLY mode
This one is for dialup as well. Set it to:
7) Dialup-link detection ==> Normal mode

>  8) Interfaces to watch ==> *
Leave it to the default (empty):
8) Interfaces to watch ==> 

Hope this helps. But a wild guess is that it's the port.


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