[RC5] ogr percentage done - WHY impossible?

TimO hairballmt at mcn.net
Fri Mar 16 07:57:45 EST 2001

Greg Childers wrote:
> Actually, 'tis Golomb.  The numbers are the lengths between adjacent marks,
> not the positions of the marks.  So there's only one 10.  See
> http://www.cuug.ab.ca/~millerl/g3-records.html for the best known rulers up
> to 212 marks.  Note that the page lists rulers by the number of segments,
> which is one less than the number of marks.  So the OGR-21 ruler below is
> listed as the 20 segment ruler.
> Greg

Doh!, my bag.  Of course it is, shown as distances not nodes. :-P
/me hangs head in shame.....
> >Hmmmm... has anybody else noticed that this 21 node Golomb ruler
> >displayed
> >on the ogr page, isn't???  It has two distances of 10. Tsk, tsk.
> >
> >(0) 2-22-32-21-5-1-12-34-15-35-7-9-60-10-20-8-3-14-19-4
> >
-- Tim
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