[RC5] editing team stats profile

Arne 'Timwi' Heizmann ajh65 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Sat Mar 17 18:41:53 EST 2001

> Hi !
> i'm Ryu webmaster of the Fuzion ! RC5 Team ( 57th today ) and i have a
> little trouble : i want to edit my team stats profile, i go on the stat
> page, then clic on the button for Dnet to send me the password, but after 15
> days i didn't received it, and my e-mail adress is correct, so what is the
> problem, can someone help me here or at Dnet team ???
> thanx all

Try sending yourself an e-mail at this address and see if you receive it.
Check if you have set up any message filters. Make sure your POP server
settings are correct, etc.etc. If all fails, try asking
help at distributed.net.


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