[RC5] OGR???

Andreas D. Landmark andreas.landmark at noxtension.com
Mon Mar 19 16:30:35 EST 2001

At 19.03.2001 14:33, you wrote:
>Why are we getting questions about OGR in a RC5 mailing list.  Just a
>friendly question

Prolly because there isn't a OGR list, and this is the only general
not-too-technical discussion list available from lists.distributed.net

In a perfect world it would've been called discussions or something
from the start, but keep in mind that rc5 has (and really is) the
only longterm project dnet has...

Andreas Landmark / andreas.landmark at noxtension.com
"If you are too low a lifeform to be able to learn how to use the
manual page subsystem, why should we help you?" (Theo de Raadt)

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