[RC5] ogr percentage done - WHY impossible?

Stephen Garrison garrison at ChE.UDel.Edu
Mon Mar 19 16:20:17 EST 2001

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, Dan Oetting wrote:

> The total number of 6-stubs that are valid for OGR-24 is somewhere around 
> 50 million if I remember correctly. The difficulty of verifying each stub 
> will depend on how early the various tests cut off the recursion 
> branches. The biggest factor for stub difficulty will be the length of 
> the stub. Shorter stubs have less constraints and will take longer to 
> process. The longest stubs will hit most of the cutoffs very soon so will 
> take almost no time to process.

Even if it isn't exact to say the percentage of work done is equal to the
number of stubs done (a) it is our best guess and (b) it should "average
out" of the life of the contest to be a pretty decent guess of the amount
of work completed and amount left to be completed.

P.S. You had another msg later on about how "you shouldn't have trusted
your memory" concerning the number of stubs. The number in the msg I am
responding to corresponds to OGR-24. The other one that you "corrected" it
with was for OGR-25.

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