[RC5] OGR-25

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Mon Mar 19 16:38:34 EST 2001

On 15-Mar-2001, bwilson at fers.com wrote:
> He's [Dave Avery, daa at distributed.net] been focussing his time on
> getting the new stats SQL server ready, as well as the responsibilities
> of his day job working for United Devices.

Just to point out two inaccuracies in bruce's otherwise accurate post:

1. Dave Avery works for United *Airlines*, not United Devices.  He's not
   one of the cows who joined ud.com in November.  That said, UAL does
   demand an astonishing number of hours out of Dave's days which can
   and do impact the update frequency of the ogr completion forensics.

2. Lots of DCTI staff do read this list, but it will never be the most
   effective way of contacting us for a specific question.


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