[RC5] OGR???

Arne 'Timwi' Heizmann ajh65 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Tue Mar 20 08:22:35 EST 2001

> Like I said "a friendly question"  just posing a question and I was just
> interested.  Something I found very interesting is that on the web page of
> distrib.net they say you can receive this lists in digest form because of
> "the sheer number of emails"  yet you only receive about 15 a day compared
> to the 100 per day you receive for example from a linux mailing list.

I have never actually come across a mailinglist that doesn't have a digest
mode, and I know of mailing lists that have even less traffic than this
one. It's probably something you always get with it. Secondly, chances are
traffic used to be a lot higher on this list than it is now, and possibly
the note on their webpage, which you mentioned, dates from back then.


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