[RC5] ogr percentage done - WHY impossible?

Troy A. Sheaffer tsheaffer at imcinteractive.com
Tue Mar 20 13:49:22 EST 2001

> That's almost half a year old. Can we get some *updated* stats?

I agree that the dnet users seem to have been kept in the dark too much
recently.  I am very new to this project and I was initially very excited to
be involved, but lately I have been discouraged by the lack of updates
(other than automatic RC5 stats and graphs) provided by the dnet staff.

I understand that this is nonprofit organiaztion and everyone is a volunteer
and everyone has other jobs to do, but I also believe that what a project
like this thrives on is the clients user's awareness and support.

The more people are informed and kept up to date, the more interest and
support there will be from the users.  And when the individual users are
happy, content and excited, they will tell others to spread the word and the
user base will continue to grow.

I love to help participate and donate CPU time to projects like these, but I
am also a very "needy" user.  I need to be informed, and I need to be able
to be educated and learn something from the project.  I appreciate the links
to OGR background provided, and I enjoy the mathematical discussions about
issues such as the number of potential stubs.  I would like to continue to
see these types of discussions and more information posted as it becomes

Another case in point, if you look back at the history pages (from the dnet
home page), from January 1997 until January 2000 there were pretty much at
least monthly if not bi-monthly updates proclaiming milestones, project
statuses, and other news like information.  The last history note was made
on November 27th.  What has happened?

Please dnet staff, help us if you can.


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