[RC5] Switching Between Projects (was RE: OGR percentage done - WHY impossible?)

Chris Mulcahy cmulcahy at poboxes.com
Tue Mar 20 15:40:30 EST 2001

I also have this dilemma.  I signed up and got several machines in several
locations working on RC5.  OGR was released and I found that all of my
machines have switched.  I had no intention of working on OGR.  My intention
was to work on RC5 so that I may help to prove the insecurity of RC5-64.

Since these machines are spread out like they are, it is impossible for me
to switch each of them individually, so I am stuck with my machines working
on a project that is of no interest to me at all.

Distributed.net is a great project.  Cracking RC5-64 is a great cause.  Too
bad I can't work on it like I'd like to.

Guess I'm stuck working RC5 at 2% of my peak, achieved just prior to the
release of OGR.

Chris Mulcahy

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I would like to know how to do this. When I joined up with dnetc and
installed the client software, I did so with the intention of participating
in the RC5-64 project. However, my stats indicate I'm sending data for the
OGR-25 project. Is there a simple way to make the switchover?


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