[RC5] RC5 keyspace finished?

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Wed Mar 21 12:23:49 EST 2001

first, slow down... you seem to have started jumping off in all
directions based on one ting you may have viewed...

Ryan Malayter wrote:
> Has anyone else out there noticed that the keyservers aren't handing out RC5
> blocks anymore?

i'm not having any problems over here... all my clients are pulling
blocks from my perproxy and the perproxy is getting blocks from the main

> How in the hell can RC5 be closed?

does it say that in your client's ini file or on its display?

> Did they d.net forget to add more keyspace to the servers?

IIRC, d.net hasn't had to do the keyspace moving stuff in a year or

> Did we find the solution?

not that i'm aware of but it may take a day or so for that info to be
> This started this morning, and I've noticed the problem on several different
> machines on two different networks.

the internet, itself, has been going thru some problems here and
there... i'm aware of several large providers that have been upgrading
et al... have you tried any of the basic tcp/ip diagnostics and aimed
them at the keyserver(s) you get your keys from? ping and traceroute are
your friends...

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