[RC5] ogr percentage done - WHY impossible?

Alexander Schaubeck alexander at schaubeck.de
Wed Mar 21 19:18:06 EST 2001

Hello all !

>> I've tried to let the word out softly but my posts are being censored by
>> the d.net staff. You should switch your clients to RC5 until the new
>> clients are released so you don't waist more cycles. Or go hunt aliens
>> with Seti at home like I have been doing.
D> Wow, at least somebody has woken up. I switched to RC5 ages ago.....

I think it's time to get an official statement from d.net.
If you need to cancel OGR, do it *now*.
A lot of work is in progress on the machines out there.... don't let
them all waste their cycles.

Alexander Schaubeck
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