[RC5] Random blocks still coming from 0x65...

Jeff Barnette barnette at alamo.satlug.org
Sat Mar 24 18:26:39 EST 2001

I have a Win32 client that normally gets fed RC5 blocks from my perproxy.
Recently, I had to go out of town for several days and my proxy ran out of
blocks.  Naturally, the client started to produce random blocks.

The problem is that all of the blocks were in the 0x65... range.  My .ini
file has a "randomprefix=23" line in it that (I assume) was put there by
the client itself.  Since I have not touched the box in weeks, it must
have had plenty of time to figure out which range its blocks were coming

What am I missing?  This is the Win32 v2.8010-463-CTR-00071213 client.
Timestamp is 07-12-00, 9:52pm.  File size is 186,188 bytes.


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