[RC5] Client buffer updates on DSL

Frank Schickel schickel at PSLN.COM
Thu Mar 29 17:35:03 EST 2001

Hi all,
   OK, color me stupid, I guess, but I just got my PC at work connected
to a DSL line and I can't figure out how to set the client to update 
its buffers (Win98).
   When I set the client options to watch all connections and make sure
there's always work available.  When I went in this morning, I found
that it had completed the in buffer and then worked on random blocks 
for the rest of the night.
    How should I set the client so that it buffers about 12 hours, and
updates (fetch/flush) when the buffer empties?  I'd like to find out
before this weekend, since I've just installed the client on another
box at work (866 MHz Celeron) that's going to crank away at 2.3 million
a second.....



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